The Project

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), digital violence is a growing problem affecting women and girls on a global scale, with very significant consequences. Although little data has been gathered on the issue, the European Union's 2014 Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) macro-survey found that 23% of women reported having been abused or harassed online at least once in their life.

Both the data and our experiences highlight the importance of tackling the hostility that LGBTQI+ women and people face online. Gender-based violence is ever-present and plays a part in excluding us and restricting our freedoms in the digital realm. With Calala's support, feminist experts such as Laia Serra and Alex Haché and groups such as Donestech, Pikara Magazine and the Feminist Self-Defense Network have been investigating and reporting on this phenomenon in recent years.

Their efforts have played a huge part in identifying the need to develop a specific model for dealing with this type of online violence, which is reaching an emergency stage.

FemBloc is a non-profit project working to develop a model for tackling digital gender-based violence via an online information and support helpline and a collection of related activities and resources. This work will be carried out in Catalonia, from an intersectional feminist perspective.

The project is a joint effort between Alia, Donestech, Calala Women's Fund, the University of Barcelona and the experts Alex Haché and Laia Serra, and has been funded through the European REC2020 (Rights, Equality and Citizenship) programme.

The helpline, which will take the same name as the project (FemBloc), is currently in development and will be launched as a pilot in the spring of 2022. You can find further information in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website and via our Twitter.