What guides us

FemBloc seeks to change policy to effectively deal with digital gender-based violence. The values that guide us shape our road map:

Social justice

We believe in and work to achieve a fairer society, one which does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, (dis)ability, origin, age or social class. We ensure that feminist and anti-racist perspectives are the cornerstone of the FemBloc project.

A restorative view of dealing with violence

We act according to people's needs and focus on their empowerment. We understand violence as a structural, systemic and non-individual phenomenon that must be addressed from a social and structural perspective.

A care-based approach

We believe that placing vulnerabilities at the centre and caring for each other is both revolutionary and essential to building newer, healthier and more respectful ways of engaging with one another.


We understand the complex network of oppressions through the intersection of experiences, identities and realities of each individual, an outlook which provides the cornerstone of the project's work.

The digital realm is an extension of the offline world

Digital gender-based violence is an extension of the violence faced outside of the technological sphere. We define digital gender-based violence as any act of gender-based violence committed, instigated or aggravated, in part or in whole, via relationship, information, and communication technologies (TRIC), be they mobile phones, the internet, social media platforms, e-mail, or others.


We believe in the power of creating networks and alliances between groups and individuals who stand up and fight for a world free of violence, and we put this into practice in our daily lives.